Message From iWebTV Support

Is the iWebTV browser extremly slow downloading pages, playing videos? Are you are using iOS10.x or iOS9.x with iWebTV v1.6.7 or greater?

This is a known issue under investigation however no easy workaround is avaiable at this time. The issue only affects iOS9.x, iOS10.x devices, so upgrading to iOS11 is the most definite way to address this issue.

Some users have also reported that the browser started working again after they restarted their iPhone / iPad, or after uninstalling the app and re-installing from the App Store (you will need to restore your purchases from Menu > Upgrades > Restore after reinstalling).

Is the application crashing when a video is sent to the TV? Are you using iWebTV version 1.7.x?

This is a known issue that affected a small number of people with version 1.7.x.

Manually remove the app, then install it again from the app store. Note that you will need to restore your purchase(s) after reinstalling (from the [Restore] button under Menu > Upgrades)

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